Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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Area 51 is found inside the united states Air force in southern Nevada. though the Central Intelligence Agency refers to the present base as area 51, it's developed nicknames like dreamland or Paradise Ranch. This supposed military base’s purpose is presently unknown. several extreme conspiracies have surfaced giving explanations for the highest secret of area 51. Some believe that area 51 is used for intensive analysis of extraterrestrial life. Government formally acknowledges existence of area 51, however not the UFOs. Those rumors are still alive in some people minds, however through proof found we will deprive these rumors (Patterson). although nobody has ever seen within|the within} of area 51 many people believe secret projects occur inside the military base, however it's nothing quite that a base. because the government continued to not accept the existence of area 51, people’s trust within the government slowly reduced.

¬ Roadrunners

The alumni of area 51 are mechanics, pilots, and engineers who once worked and lived on the military base that they are saying has been a development and testing site for …show more content…

aircraft are created here using the latest technology. they need created aircraft for several wars within the 20th century. They designed Drones, spy plane, and stealth planes (Edwards 27). The “Roadrunner” were angry to listen to that the woman who had interviewed them include a completely unsupported conspiracy theory. In 1949 there was a report of UFO crash within the Roswell space. it absolutely was report and investigated. when the investigation some attention-grabbing results came in. it seems it had been a Russian saucer created from technology the Russians found from the Germans when world war 2. The people that wherever piloting their saucer seemed to be aliens, however in fact they were teenagers who had undergone a lot of surgery (Stewart

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