Areas Of Fear

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In the article, "Health Disparity and Structural Violence: How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes," three main areas of fearwas pointed out and these are as follows:
Language, Discrimination and Immigration Status; and
Cultural Disconnect.
Cost as an element of Fear. Among families living in poverty, the cost of healthcare causes a level of stress that people described as a fear. This fear is caused not by the diabetes itself, but by the structural problems such as the economic condition of a low-income, immigrant community that crisscross with the occurrence of chronic disease. The area where the participants lived had high levels of poverty with negative social signs like low education attainment, high …show more content…

Deportation is an ever-present reality for people living in the shadows because they lack legal immigration status. This mixed with the other elements of fear made it almost impossible for many people to go for help with health problems. (Page-Reeves et al., 2013) Cultural Disconnect as an element of Fear.
These people used alternative medicines and don’t feel comfortable confiding in their provider about their use of a variety of medicinal herbs or other alternatives to prescription medication to treat their health problems. The cultural disconnect was present as alternative/complimentary medicines are valued as a culture, and “modern” practitioners cast judgment on their usage. This cultural disconnectover the use of these alternative medicines puts a fear in them that results to their not getting proper medical treatment which further put them at risk when they do seek care (Page-Reeves et al., 2013) Given these facts, I do agree that structural violence perpetuates health disparity. Fear and health were interconnected, the people’s everyday lives were framed by fear. What is Structural violence? This consists of stark racism, “disease-ridden environments, stigmatizing social norms, and barriers preventing underserved populations from getting adequate health care”. Using a structural violence framework, the issue of fear stood out as an important intersecting issue that impacts the regular

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