Arguements Against tge Legalization of Gay Marraige Essay

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The political issue of same-sex marriage has recently become one of the biggest debates of the 21st century. Its rise in popularity soared within the United States in 2000, when Vermont became the first state in the country to recognize these types of unions between same-sex couples. I believe that same-sex couples should not be denied of their right to marry, but there are several believable arguments, which contradict my opinion on the topic. These arguments include the beliefs that; allowing same-sex couples to wed will cause the institution of marriage to crumble, citizens of the United States should not have to pay taxes to support something which they believe to be wrong, and that the legalization of same-sex marriage could lead to …show more content…

Marriage within the United States has always been focused on one man and one woman being together for the remainder of their lives. To have marriage be centered on the union of a man and a man or a woman and a woman is preposterous. Marriage is needed to keep our society prosperous with the production of children who will one day take over the roles of their parents when they pass on. Marriage between couples of the same sex will not produce children, thereby defeating the purpose of marriage altogether. It is argued that same-sex couples could increase the number of adoptions of needy children in the United States, this much is true, but belonging to a household where the heads of the house are of the same-sex could cause problems for the child in the long run. Bullying and teasing in school will undoubtedly surround these children daily, it is not worth the emotional pain that will inevitably befall these children to give them a home in a same-sex household, no matter how loving these parents are.
As a citizen of the United States, it is unnerving to know that many of the tax dollars used to support same-sex marriage are unwillingly being paid by those who do not support these types of unions. United States citizens should not have to pay to support ideologies, which they do not believe in. Because the issue of same-sex marriage is such a split and controversial topic, it should not be permitted on the

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