Arguements For Gun Control Essay

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The violence in today’s world, has become ordinary and common. This violence causes a staggering number of deaths and injuries throughout the world. The main weapon used to engage in violence is the gun. That’s why I want a strict gun control policy that would nearly abolish guns and make the world a safer place. This policy would make it impossible to buy guns and would only allow hunters to “rent” guns. By doing this, violence, related to guns, would greatly and rapidly decrease.
On April 20th, 1999, 2 friends from Columbine, Colorado came to school. They had a diabolical plan to try and kill as many people as possible. They were well prepared and had thought out their plan carefully. Together they had 4 guns with them when they
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Another big issue is children and teens getting hurt or killed with guns. One reason why Columbine was so big was because of the killing of so many harmless teenagers. It breaks the hearts of Americans when a child or teenager gets killed by a gun. For example, in a poll done by The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1 out of 5 adults knows or knew a child who was shot by another child, and 12% of adults knows or knew and child who accidentally shot themselves. In another study by “”, an estimated
34,000 people die of gun related deaths every year. In that same study it says that around
13 children are killed daily, guns kill teenage boys annually than any other cause, and teenagers are twice as likely to commit suicide with a gun accessible to them. All of this has become too common and accepted by today’s world. More often we are seeing gun locks and gun cases, preventing children from playing with the guns. This is a big step in prevent deaths among kids but it won’t be big enough until children are totally safe from finding a loaded gun and decide to play it. 13 children a day is way too many, 1 is too many let alone 13 children. I did a little study of my own at watched my 2 favorite TV stations back and forth for 2 hours. I saw one guy get shot in the head and then an hour or so later 3 dead bodies on a commercial. That’s 4 people per 2 stations in 2 hours. So if a child watches 4

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