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A Modest Proposal to Combat the Problem of Workplace Sexual Assault

More than sixty women have come forward to accuse former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of committing various forms of sexual harassment and assault. He is not the only man in Hollywood doing this, and Hollywood is not the only place that this has happened.
Obviously this rampant sexism is a huge problem in our society. In response to the allegations against Weinstein and others, the #MeTo hashtag has emerged. It is a worldwide movement that has victims of sexual assault and harassment speaking out against the normalization of such behaviors. This movement based around an exclusive club has other people feeling left out and ignored. These people are overwhelmingly
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Obviously, the problem with Harvey Weinstein’s actions is that he was discriminating against male actors by disallowing them the opportunity to earn a promotion through extra-curricular efforts. Contrastly, House of Cards Star, Kevin Spacey, would have paved the way for equal opportunity sexual assault through the attempted molestation of a fourteen year old boy. Unfortunately because Spacey brough pedophilia into the equation I can not condone his actions.
The difference between the exploitation of adults and children is vast and must be taken into account. In addition to allowing more men to be included in the expanding club of sexual assault victims, expanding the range of exploited people will increase opportunity for job creation.
If enough people sleep with their bosses, then we will eventually run out of available jobs to be filled by the most promiscuous workers. The economy must be expanded in order to create the necessary positions and accommodate newly minted workers. The best solution to combating sexism in the workplace is to equalize the gender gap within sexual assault situations by hiring people who are more willing to sleep with men such as heterosexual or bisexual women and homosexual
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