Argument With The Deltan

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In this essay, I am going to argue with the “Deltan” about three different aspects of our world: free will, the nature of our minds and the where our world came from. I will be taking the position of defending that we do not have free, our minds are non-physical and the world came into existence by natural causes.
To begin, I believe we do not have free will, and that every one of our choices is predetermined. As people, we do not take random actions that have not been influenced by other factors in our lives. We live by reacting to different situations; everything we do follows a law of cause and effect. Therefore, our actions are not free, they can be expected. The Deltan can argue that not all of our actions can be predicted, that our minds …show more content…

I think that there has always been something out there, that there is an infinite future like there has been an infinite past. The Deltan would contradict this by using the teleological argument, saying how there must have been a creator at one point in time. Humans and other living things are too complicated to just have happened by chance. We are so complex, that the possibility that we just somehow came into existence randomly is basically impossible.
I would say that this is inaccurate, since there is proof in history that natural selection exists. Humans might have not always been complex; it is very possible that we simply evolved that way, since those who did not adapt died out. Because of this, we did not necessarily have to have had a creator; we simply evolved into complex individuals over time.
In conclusion, the Deltan did not succeed in contradicting my beliefs. I still strongly support the ideas that we do not have free will; all of our actions are predetermined, that our minds our non-physical; images in our brain exists on a different level of existence, and that world did not have a creator; the universe had always

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