Argumentative Analysis Of Abortion Rights

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Argumentative Analysis of Abortion Rights Abortion has been a controversial topic and fluctuated in-and-out of political discussions for decades, but has started to become a more popular debate topic as of late. People have debated between “Pro-Choice”, a woman’s right to choose, as well as “Pro-Life”, strictly anti-abortion, as well as the lawmakers part in recognizing the issue. A Harvard College newspaper printed an opinion-based article by Tanya Luhrmann for Abortion Rights Action Week called, The Pro-Choice Argument. The author claims that a powerful part of American life is the experience of being a mother, and that each side, “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life”, feels attacked from one another affecting the mother and child relationship. …show more content…

2). Trying to persuade the readers, the author shows her own personal opinion that the fetus should be considered a human being at conception, as well as earn the same rights as the mother and have a chance to live, even if some complications stand in the way. She continues to use a multitude of examples to successfully extort her opinion and reason across that she is against abortion; however, she could be easily swayed if tough circumstance or situation comes around. This personal touch adds to her rationale, allowing for support and validity throughout the rest of the article.The structure that the author chose to put her argument in is very wisely chosen because her strong points are shown first, then her weaker ones in the middle, and lastly, an astounding ending wraps everything together proving her point. She describes the two arguments on the second page as the problems that the fetus faces in gaining any kind of equal rights. Luhrmann wrote, “Animals and children are unavoidably present within a society, and to ensure that they remain functioning members of that society they must be protected from exploitation by other societal members” (p. 2). This is followed by a comparison example of an Australian who

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