Argumentative Essay About Fortis's Life

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In Oahu, Hawaii, 2016 there was an ordinary 15 year old high school kid named Fortis who is well liked by everyone and is a handsome young boy. His family is his dad and his two brothers. Fortis’ dad is named Jonah. His two older brothers were named Caleb and David. Caleb is 19 years old and David is 25 years old. His mom got murdered when he was 8 years old. His mom was named Mary. Then, Fortis’ life was changed because he did a stubborn thing. One day, Fortis went with his friends to go swimming in a lake. When they got there, a sign said, “OFF LIMITS.” So, Fortis’ friends decided not to swim in it, but he did. As soon as he got in the lake, he asked his friends, “Why does it feel so weird in here?” He got out of the lake and he said, “I …show more content…

“Wait, what?” Fortis says. “Does this mean that I am in an alternate universe?” Fortis says. “What?” his dad says. “Oh, never mind,” Fortis says. “By the way”, Fortis says, “where are David and Caleb?” “Fortis, who is David and Caleb?” his mom asks him. “They are your sons,” Fortis says. “What, Fortis is something wrong with you?” his mom says. “No, nothing is wrong with me, mom,” Fortis says. “You are the only child your dad and I have and ever will have,” his mom says. “Oh, okay, well I guess that was a dream then,” Fortis says. “Come on, help me prepare dinner,” his mom says. Fortis and his mom prepare dinner, and then they eat. The next morning, Fortis wakes up and on the news see that robbers robbed the bank. As soon as he sees that, he runs out of the house and stops the robbers. “Hey, stop where you are going,” Fortis says. “Why, what do you think you are going to do kid?” one robber says. “Just stop or else….” “Or else what kid!” the robber yells. “Or else this will happen,” Fortis says. He runs and snatches the bag of money out of his hands and his gun. “Whoa, what in the world?!” the robber says, “How did you do that?” “I warned you, and now I am going to turn you guys

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