Argumentative Essay: Brenda Playing Loud Music

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On January 14, 2017 approximately 7:45 am tenant Beatrice Mills (# 103) came running to the booth, stating to SOD (Loretta Thompkins) that Brenda Gregg # 205 and Patricia Brown # 204 were arguing. I immediately went upstairs to see if I could resolve the situation. Once, I approached the top of the stairs, I could clearly observed the argument taken place. I noticed both tenets arguing over Brenda playing loud music from her apartment at 5 am. Patricia B. stated that she has to work on Saturday morning and Brenda music is disturbing her as well as the rest of the neighbors. At the time, Patricia was standing in front of Brenda G. apt in a back and forward verbal confrontation. Lenedra Wilburn #202 opened her door asking Patricia to stop arguing
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