Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In America

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Gun Control in America
(1) In America, gun control has already taken place, but they have not yet taken a stand on ammunition amounts. America has the most mass shooting rates in the past 50 years compared to any other country. People blame it on “mentally unstable” people because they think that they are a problem in America when really they aren't focusing on the real problem: ammunition. Ammunition is used in every shooting no matter if it was an automatic gun or semi-automatic pistol. (1) (2) America does not have ammunition regulations and some believe if the U.S. had ammunition laws the people with guns would have a harder time shooting mass amounts of people with a restricted amount of bullets. In the past year, the U.S. has had multiple mass shootings, but they have not been put on the news or put out to the …show more content…

We use more bullets now than we ever have before. The U.S. thinks this is due to a bigger population and more gun sales in the 21st century. We have a bigger problem now with mass shootings than we have before because of the bullet amounts that are being produced. According to Town Hall news “The ongoing frustration stems from the fact that the debate is not really about guns. It's about who you trust.” (“Scott”).To me this means that guns are not the problem, it shows that the people and the ammunition are the biggest problems we have with these mass shootings. The government is not helping these shootings at all, in fact, all they are really doing is ignoring the victims until the shooting is forgotten about. Townhall states “-it's been more than 45 years since a majority of Americans trusted the federal government to do the right thing most of the time.” (“Scott”). In the U.S. people feel the need to blame people of gun violence so we try to blame it on something at all times and never really fix the problems, another one of those problems are how many guns one person can

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