Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Is Cheerleading a Sport?
When most people think of cheerleading they think of girls just standing around clapping for boys. If you asked someone on the street to picture a cheerleader in their mind, and describe what they see it would probably go something like this; mean, dumb blonde, popular, and they do tricks. Sadly some people usually assume that guys that are on a cheerleading team couldn't make an actual sport so they just decided to do cheerleading. People choose to believe that cheerleading is just like movies about high school. Where they are mean and just care about how to style their hair for the day, or which outfit will make them look hotter. In reality we are nothing like the movies. There are many people who think that cheerleading isn't a real sport, in fact the think it is the …show more content…

Cheerleaders start getting their competition routines ready. In High school cheer a number of teams from other high schools including junior varsity and varsity small, medium, and large division compete for 1st place. The cheer routines have to be 2 to 3 minutes long, and stunting, tumbling, and dance should be incorporated into the routine. Every team gets placed from 1st place to last place and is capable of achieving a result. Cheerleading meets all the criteria to be a sport and it does more. Cheerleading isn’t just a group of girls standing on the sidelines any more. It’s time to stop living in the past, and to stop making assumptions from fictional movies about cheerleading if you don’t know the first thing about it. Cheerleading is a sport, not just because it’s a physical activity, governed by a set of rules, or is competitive. Cheerleading is a sport because we put our heart and soul onto the mat when we perform. We put our blood sweat and tears into our performances to make it the best it can be, and when we walk out onto the mat we go on as a family. Cheerleading is a sport, and that is a

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