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People are like fruit loops; fruit loops consist different colors, and prefer some more than others. Unbeknown to many people, all fruit loops taste the same. This situation is how we are with people. Unfortunately, people are judged by the color of their skin, though we are one and the same. People, even to this day are discriminated by race. To ease this problem, the government began a program in the 70s to prevent and reduce discrimination in workplace admissions. This program has since been picked by institutes of higher education, which I will be focusing on. Affirmative Action, or known as AA, gives extra consideration for groups who have been historically discriminated against, such as blacks, Latinos, and hispanics. However, by…show more content…
He is also a master pianist and sang at President Obama's inauguration. When Michael applied for college, he was rejected by 6 out of the 7 Ivy League schools he applied to. He, and many other people, believed he was rejected due to the extra consideration given to minorities, as part of the affirmative action program. Although students like Michael might be more qualified than students from minority groups, students from the minority are usually the ones accepted into colleges. This situation has been going on ever since AA was introduced. When it was just introduced, college admissions were able to set quotas as part of AA. A landmark case from the 70s named Regents of University of California vs Bakke declared setting quotas for minority students is unconstitutional. It was a win for those who believed affirmative action is unjust. Ever since, AA has been outlawed in states such as California and Michigan. Some opponents of AA also think diversity should be a reason to support AA. I support them because the real world does not care about your race. The real world judges you by your work ethic, your achievements, your attitude, and not so much your race. Many people advocate for affirmative action, as it is necessary for diversity in universities and the workforce, and also as a justification to previous discrimination. Though this is a valid reason, it is
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