Argumentative Essay On Animal Rights

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When it comes to the rights of animals it can be very controversial. On one hand people see animal rights as ridiculous and unnecessary. And on the other there are many people that take animal rights extremely seriously and some even go as far as to think that they should have the same rights as humans. While I can view this from both sides I stand somewhere in the middle, because I don’t think animals should have the same right as humans, but I do think that they should have some rights. While some people may think that animals should have full human rights because they have human emotions. I believe that they shouldn’t have full human rights but, they should have some rights. Despite the common belief that, ”Other animals have no sense of morality and are unable to comprehend the concept of their own death. (Rifkin 11)” I don’t exactly agree with that statement. Because as Rifkin later stated, “Animals, it appears, experience grief. Elephants will often stand next to their dead kin for days, occasionally touching their bodies with their trunks. (Rifkin 11)” This fact contradicts the previous common assumption that animals have no sense of morality. This shows that animals are in fact able to feel empathy and sadness for their loss. So it could be a justified assumption that animals could feel human emotions. Now that you have some knowledge of the emotions and feelings of animals, you can start to form a base for your opinion. But to go any further you need to think
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