Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Using these elements listed above, people are able to create successful argumentative papers by following that outline. My topic I am going to use to showcase the components of an argumentative paper is why child beauty pageants should be banned. Beauty pageants have been around for hundreds of years; however, we have all seen a glimpse of what goes on behind the stage thanks to the hit television show called Toddlers and Tiaras, and many people have started to think that maybe these pageants are starting to create harmful effects on our young girls. “High Glitz” beauty pageants for children should be banned because it sexualizes girls at too young of an age, along with increasing their risk to have emotional and cognitive problems later in their life. Beauty pageants for adult women have been around for almost 150 years, but who knew that child beauty pageants would become such a hit in the world today. The first american beauty pageant for adult women was organized by a famous businessman and entrepreneur name P.T. Barnum in 1854; however, it failed due to public protests claiming the contest was immoral. A year later, Barnum attempted to coordinate a different contest called the "National Baby Show". This contest enrolled 143 child contestants and had 61,000 viewers making it a complete success. According to Gabrielle Moss"Baby parades soon became a national sensation” (Moss, 2016). Many of these baby contests started to turned into Better Baby Contest which were supposed

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