Argumentative Essay On Binge Drinking

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An effective measure universities can pursue to not promote binge drinking is to schedule numerous activities around campus. One of the major problems of college students, as explained in an informational video is that students have too much free time. The video shows that college students are only in class for 15 hours a week compared to high school students who are at school for over 30 hours per week. Consequently, students who are poor at managing their time well, tend to binge drink repeatedly leading to unsatisfactory academic performances, and developing a drinking habit (CirclesofSA). Providing students with a busy schedule will physically exhaust them, which will give them less motivation to drink. Contrarily, universities who have events too much may not see great participation, which could discourage them from continuing to host activities. If balanced properly, then a university will host enough events for students to not be overwhelmed; rather they will be excited for upcoming events. In doing so, it would promote a positive social media filled with students having fun without alcohol present. Since fellow students are the major source of social media debauchery, a great example of why binge drinking leads to poor choices is from college students.
College students are notorious for partying, tailgating and engaging in unsafe behaviors. All of these stereotypes have one common factor which is consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol. Some may argue that banning

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