Argumentative Essay On Civil Rights

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Most of us today cannot say we’ve experience the horror of war. I infact have never. I’m ignorant to the subject, while others can say they’ve stared death in the face. We fought for slave rights, for equal rights, and allowed people to immigrate here believing America was a peaceful place. I infact am honored to be an American. I have rights, I do not serve under a dictator, but most countries aren't as lucky as I. Unfortunately, tragedy is the only magnet that pulls us together. We have not learned from the sacrifices of our own sons and daughters. It is my hope that America can move on from its childish antics and turn away from all the violence. Hate goes back generations here. We stole peoples lands, and claimed them as our own. We …show more content…

We have not forgotten, and we certainly aren’t forgiving. Instead, we are walling off countries so they can no longer travel here and make a better life for themselves. For certain tragedies we are vengeful to other countries. We view these people as aliens, or a threat. We shut these people out when they need us most. We have closed arms for these people. Refugees are dying, suffering critical injuries, and we've closed the doors. We fought back, killing thousands of innocents, and so little of the guilty. We are mirroring the exacts acts we swore never to repeat. We signed documents swearing we would make our future better. We are letting our founding fathers down. Our hope for the future is peace... It takes only a tragedy for Americans to come together to help, and accept each other. Only after a tragedy, we realize how much we need each other to overcome anything. Like bombings, bombings that happen so frequently. After every attack, love responds. Officials, even injured civilians help others. It not only was their job, but it’s the fact we believe innocent lives do not deserve to be taken. Why can’t it be like that all the time? Why is it that when people are slaughtered we finally realize we're all equal? How exactly is it okay for us to attack other places, but it's not okay for it to happen to us? Not only do we come together in rare times, but we don't pay attention to it after a while. We shield our children, and shield ourselves from the harsh

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