Argumentative Essay On Dabing

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Do you have that one thing that you belive to be an example of stupidity by everyone that does it. I belive that dabing is one of the most inferior trend that has ever been created. Dabing is a way for simple minded people to try and fit in do it ease to be caried out. Dabing is dangorous to the people around the dabber. It can also cause suver injery to the participant if it is done to many time is one day. In this essay I will atempt to pursude you to belive that dabing is not only a rediculose trend, but it can also be dangerous and harmful.

Dabing is simply a way for the people that can't dance to try nd fit it. There is no reason why this trend should be socially accepted. Dabing is just an arm bent over your face and one stright to your side. People beleive it is a way to so that somthing awome just happened, but offten when you see someone dab the thing they are dabing for is not woth looking at. Most of the time if you ask someone that is dabing what there highest grade is they will probably say a low B. Dabing displays a lack of control over your arms and if people do it all the time this might tell you that they …show more content…

If somone is walking up behind you in the hall and you decide to throw a mean dab it is very easy to break their nose or push their eye out. It can also be meantaly harmful to the peole around you. Every time somone sees somone else dab they loose around 3 to 4 brain cell. Pretty soon the person that ince belived that dabing was a waste will become unable to control their body do to the lack of brain cells and they will start dabing themselves. If the person is sucked into the trend to much they may even start verbaly promoting it. This is very harmful the people around that person. When somone says dab then it forces the people around them to not only o the motion, but they also think about it and that contributes to and even higher amount of damaged or lost

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