Derrian Argumentative Essay

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SHE RUSHED ONTO TRAIN TRACKS TO SAVE HER NEPHEW The wind was whipping fiercely when Nikki Maratea, her younger sister Alex, and Nikki's 3-week-old son Derrian went to catch an elevated train in Philadelphia near the home they shared with their mother. Thinking she had put the brake on the stroller, Nikki, 20, let it go to argue with the cashier, who insisted she pay the $2 fare before moving to the platform. A moment later Alex, then 10, looked toward her nephew—but he and his stroller were gone. "I said, 'Nikki,'" Alex recalls, "'where's the baby?'" They could hear Derrian's cries, but saw no sign of him. "Then," Alex says, "I looked down." What she saw was a nightmare: The stroller, blown by the wind, was lying on the tracks, about four

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