Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Assisted suicide is a medically induced suicide for critically ill patients. Also known as euthanasia, it’s something that’s been around since the 500 B.C. back then it was legal and ethical to disregard of human life. In this current day and age the debate about whether or euthanasia is ethical or legal is heated. Most people will say that assisted suicide is basically enabling doctors to be murderers and in some courts they are tried as that. However assisted suicide isn’t an illegal murder, it’s a safe way to help someone who is suffering. While most view assisted suicide as a way of profiting off of diseased patients lives, more and more patients and their families are using euthanasia as a way to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
All cases of assisted suicide are voluntary. It being a voluntary choice is something that makes euthanasia a legal operation. The doctor can bring it up as an option when it comes to medical treatments but they can never enforce the act without patients consent. The decision also isn’t made in a day or even one month. It’s a decision that includes the patient in question talking to family and friends. Family and friends cannot make the decision for the patient either. Opponents of assisted suicide will often say that there is pressure from family and doctors, while in reality that can be true, patients considering the operation are on the brink of death. They have other options yes, but those options can lead to more suffering and

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