Argumentative Essay On Genetic Manipulation

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Genetic manipulation or modification is the process of scientists changing a person’s DNA before birth to help benefit that person’s life. This process is fairly new and inexperienced and many people believe that it is wrong and outlandish. The benefits of genetic manipulation outweigh the repercussions and the full extent of those benefits is yet to be seen. I believe that genetic manipulation needs to become a more widespread operation in order for doubters to see the benefits that come from the process. Also, in order for genetic manipulation to be considered normal to the common person, there needs to be more cases where genetic manipulation changed a person’s life for the better. There are only a handful of cases around the world, and according to Annabel Ferriman, “the scientists, from the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St Barnabas in New Jersey, said that 30 babies worldwide have been born as a result of this technique, known as ooplasmic transfer.” The world needs to know more about these cases of genetic manipulation in order to more fully understand it. People who disagree with genetic manipulation often say that it is not right to do to an unborn baby who does not have a say in the matter of being genetically manipulated. Opponents also say that it will limit the gene pool and that some may take it too far.
Most opponents of genetic manipulation will use the argument of the process being taken too far and children in the womb seen as things

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