Argumentative Essay On Genetic Engineering

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Why live a life with average abilities when we can enhance our abilities through genetic engineering on our DNA for the greater good? Genetic engineering is “the artificial manipulation, modification, and recombination of DNA or other nucleic acid molecules in order to modify an organism or population of organisms.” It is not exactly a science in a broad sense, but a branch of biotechnology, which uses methods of molecular and biology, virology, and genetics. Genetic engineering on the human genome should be approved because it has the potential to make lives and the world better. Genetic disorders could be permanently eliminated, certain genes could be reactivated for regrowth of necessary cells, eliminating many neurological disorders, and delaying ageing, which would expand scientific research in order to many world complications. Through recombinant DNA techniques, scientists have already experimented with bacteria and copied their cellular system that allows them to defend themselves from viruses in order to create a new restriction enzyme called Cas9, which then gets bound to an RNA guide strand. This new enzyme introduces new genetic material into the human genome as DNA replicates. This method will be useful for families members who carry harmful recessive alleles. Their babies could inherit the genetic disorder, but with recombinant DNA techniques, the harmful gene or genes could easily be replaced with a functional gene. Lauren Friedman, Senior editor for
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