Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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Bridget Heos, nonfiction author, wrote in Its Getting Hot in Here: The Past, Present, and Future of Climate Change, “In America, uniting to achieve a goal may be difficult, as some political leaders are acting on the view that global warming doesn’t exist, that humans are not causing it, or that it is not a concern.” Three main arguments against global warming are enlightened by Heos’ highlighted section of the discussion; it doesn’t exist, humans don’t cause it, and it isn’t a concern. However, science refutes all of these concerns.

The average “go-to” rebuttal to global warming is that it can’t exist because “it was cold today.” Weather, as referenced in the argument previously stated, is different than climate. Weather may continue to be low in temperature, even as the earth heats up. What is important to remember is that, in Heos’ words, “Record lows will be set, but not as often, whereas record highs have always been set, but will now be set more often”. As Carbon Dioxide is released, it gets trapped in the atmosphere. The trapped carbon dioxide works to heat up the earth and make it warmer.

The Industrial Revolution began this epidemic. This period of human history started our reliance on fossil fuels, amongst creating other pans for the earth. To compensate for growing cities, we needed livable spaces. This meant two things; wood and land. People realized that they can get wood from trees, and as they cleared trees for the lumber, space would also clear for

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