Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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Upon reading the article, “What If We Treated Gun Violence Like A Public Health Crisis?” and watching the news every now and then, there are many major tragedies surrounding around us. It is absolutely scary, and only seems to be getting worse. The article starts off with the statement that, “More than 30,000 people a year are killed by gun violence,” making it clear just how serious the situation pertaining gun violence is (Kodjak, 2017, p. 1). Yet, this statistic does not even take into consideration the amount of people who are injured due to gun violence, which would sky rocket this total. With many Americans affected by gun violence, not just the one’s killed or injured, but also their family and friends, there is still not enough …show more content…

Additionally, their statistics also demonstrated that black men are 14 times more likely than white men to be killed by guns, and the increase of women being killed in domestic violence situations by a gun, is 5 times more likely. These rates are insanely high and should illustrate to the people that this is a major crisis. When it comes down to research and funding, the government can start off by placing more funds back into researching and attempting to resolve the issues surrounding gun violence. Although the other causes of death are still important to look into and have a solution for, but if the mortality rate of these other causes of death is lower, then the funding should be lowered. Just like if the mortality rate is higher, then the funding should be higher. For instance, the NPR article mentions that the “government spends only about $22 million a year on research into gun violence — a tiny fraction of what it spends on other major health threats” (Kodjak, 2017, p. 4-5). If the funding were to be reevaluated, more money should be put into looking for solutions to limit the amount of gun violence across the U.S., as well as funding towards services and health care for those a victim of gun violence. Furthermore, the social engineering approaches mentioned in the article are great ways to start limiting the chances of killings. For instance, gun regulations that include smaller ammunition

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