Argumentative Essay On Honey Bees

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Do you enjoy honey? What about apples, oranges, or peaches? Or maybe pecans, almonds, or sunflower seeds? If you like any kind of fruit or vegetable, be prepared to pay double to triple for these items. Before I began my research, I was interested in bees because my uncle had bees, which led me to buy my own. I know that bees are dying at an alarming rate and no one knows why. This may not seem like a serious issue, but it can do more damage than you might think. Bees pollinate the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that we eat every day. This is a very big problem not only for farmers, but for myself as well, as a beekeeper. I wanted to get to know the bee. How its body works, what it's immune to, and what kinds of things can hurt it. I also …show more content…

There isn't just one source. There are multiple causes. Websites claim that they have found the answer, but in reality they haven't even scratched the surface. Another source says, "Just this past winter, about forty percent of honey bees met their maker, marking the second-largest disappearance ever recorded" (Ferdman). If forty percent were lost last winter, what does that mean for the winters to come? In two more years, the extinction of bees could happen. One source says "Bees are dying from some of the pesticides that are found in our food supply" (Schubert). This is true, but pesticides are not to blame for the true forty percent. Another source from David Schuburt says "Glyphosate not only kills weeds, but it also kills may of the beneficial bacteria that are found in the gut of bees." Here is an example of how the chemicals can get inside of the bee and do all kinds of harm. In this article, it says that farmers are coating seeds with pesticides so they don't have to do it later on. It seems harmless to do this, but this is another big killer. These seeds that aren't supposed to be tampered with, are, and this doesn't allow the plant to be 100% pesticide fee. What I mean by this is that the bees are going to pollinate the flower and are just getting poisoned. They drink the pollen that contains pesticides so the chemicals eat away at the beneficial bacteria in their …show more content…

In order to do that, I need to find out why these pesticides aren't being banned. David Schuburt says, "Unless the chemical kills the bee outright, it's use will be allowed." This might be more of a problem than the pesticides themselves because this problem keeps reoccurring. The pesticide doesn't kill the bee right away, it takes time for it to set in. Another source states, "Another reason for the die-off is something called tank mixing. This is where you mix all the pesticides and insecticides at once" (Sanders). So this problem for the farmers, all comes back because of the farmers. There are many reasons for the death of the bees but the major sources are the pesticides and how the pesticides are being

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