Argumentative Essay On Human Euthanasia

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Human Euthanasia It is a shared understanding that human life must be valued under any circumstance, and it should not be terminated for whatever reasons unless it is a natural occurrence. The value and respect for human life were behind the debate against “the death row” in many states and countries around the world. In addition, religion places high value in human life, basing on the claim that it is a sin to end one’s life. However, there have been instances where ending the life of another person is the best alternative, especially in medical cases. The idea brought the emergence of euthanasia, where Math and Chaturvedi (2012) explain it as a Greek word that means “good death.” The purpose of good death is to assist a patient who will …show more content…

Math and Chaturvedi (2012) observe that a common claim on euthanasia is the idea that most patients with chronic illnesses do not want to be a burden to their loved ones. In such instances, the patients come to consider it as the best alternative. It is regarded as an honor to the “right of living” through accepting the “right to die” (Math & Chartuvedi, 2012). A CNN report by Ben Tinker claims that in the state of California, one hundred and eleven people died under the right to die law. According to Tinker (2017), the End of Life Option Act took effect on 9th June 2016. It provided that individuals starting from the age of eighteen had the right to request medication that was life-ending from their doctors. The circumstances of such requests were only when the patient was suffering from a terminal illness, and they decided to have a death timetable. As Tinker (2017) reports, the Act enabled two hundred and fifty-eight persons to initiate the process. Such significant figures indicate that people find it okay to end their lives rather than suffer in the struggle to remain alive. It is argued that in doing so, the people preserve their dignity and may even die a “happy death”, as they know they had to choose how they died. BBC (2014) presented arguments against euthanasia and classified it as ethical, practical, and religious. The moral argument was based on the sanctity of life. It presented that by allowing the society to practice euthanasia, it was an approach to

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