Argumentative Essay On Law School

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“What do lawyers learn in law school? They learn to win… what they’ve got to start thinking is how do they solve problems.” -Benjamin Carson Law school can be a painfully long process. For some, it’s worth it. For others, the painfully long process can be stressful and mentally challenging. Although the path to becoming a lawyer is very demanding, a person can reduce the stress by studying the positive, negative, and mentally challenging aspects that he or she may face. Some may worry about the affects of law school, but they need to remember there are a lot of positives in it. First of all, it all depends on the type of person you are in law school to see if your mental health will be affected. The Wellness Committee at Indiana Law School is a safe haven for students suffering from depression, anxiety, extreme stress, or any other types of mental health issues.So, considering that some law schools have clinics and doctors to help the mentally sick, people can also seek advice or help off-site, or off campus. For instance, the JLAP (Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program) is not on a specific campus but it is a place where you can seek assistance. The program will keep all of their patient’s problems and concerns confidential so they need no stress about their peers knowing. (Covington)
Just because you have heard about the struggles of some people who have had a mental illness from their college era doesn’t mean that you will too. For example, individuals that choose

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