Argumentative Essay On Legal Drinking Age

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American society has become littered with so-called “Rights of Passage” and none more desired than what comes at the age of 21—the privilege to drink. This event is arguably the most anticipated day for any American because they are finally granted the responsibility of choosing for themselves whether or not they want to drink and bear the risks involved.
The legal drinking age has been volatile throughout the United States’ history changing from absolutely no restrictions to a complete ban. Since the passing of the 21st amendment, the legal age has been 21 making America one of only 4 countries with a legal age at or above 21. Sadly, this has produced a society of immaturity that denies the general populous the ability to make their own decisions and instead conditions the populous to rely on authority to dictate their lives.
American’s have long been educated about safe alcohol usage and about how the legal age of 21 leads to fewer deaths by way of alcohol-attributable factors. As a student, I am aware of this incessant peppering of facts and figure all too much; however, this claim about a higher age leading to fewer deaths is simply inaccurate as demonstrated around the world. Two prime examples are Singapore and Norway, which both have legal drinking ages of 18. In reference to what American students are taught in school, this would cause immediate concerns that improper alcohol usage would be more prevalent and the death rates would increase, however; Singapore and

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