Argumentative Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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There have been 10,265 people who have died in car crashes due to drunk driving yet alcohol is still legal while marijuana isn’t. Marijuana is a grown herb; it is basically a plant with a number a species. Founded in China in 4000 B.C., they grew the plant to make hemp. In the nineteenth century the origin of marijuana use was brought to the U.S. Marijuana has been the main topic for being legalized and to be used for medical purposes and shown to have cure diseases. Veteran groups to push the use of marijuana to help PTSD. The main problem with marijuana is that it’s illegal. There has been much research showing that the use of marijuana is from the ages 12 and up, along with drivers at night being under the influence from the use of marijuana. The under age use of marijuana is huge problem and a main concern. Marijuana should be legalized because marijuana has no documented related deaths while alcohol has caused over ten thousand deaths, there is medical purpose to the marijuana, and legalizing marijuana will have a positive economic impact on society. (Deaths) Even though there are many deaths related to alcohol, there are no deaths directly related to the use of marijuana. There is no harm from marijuana. There aren’t any recorded deaths. Sixty percent of 38,329 people have died from prescription drugs, but this number is non-existent for marijuana users. Also 25,692 died from alcohol related causes, yet alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal, studies show that
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