Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Cannabis is not a drug, Marijuana should be legalize because many people use it for different reason and it shouldn 't matter to the government on how people use this substance. Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, prohibition diverts critical law enforcement resources from violent and property crime, and marijuana benefits many people that has medical problem like glaucoma, cancer and epilepsy.
Marijuana should be legalizing because there haven’t been any report from people dying from smoking or using marijuana unlike alcohol and cigarettes which are more harmful than marijuana. Their no evidence that links marijuana to traffic accidents, domestic violence or cancer and yet marijuana is still illegal but on the other hand alcohol is legal and it has proven to cause societal ills, including domestic violence, cancer, and auto accidents. In 2011 alone many individual in the U.S was arrested for marijuana use, sale or possession every 42 second, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report program. In 2012 there were about3.3 million death and 5.9 percent of all global deaths that were contribute by alcohol consumption. Many people has died from alcohol overdoes and there no report of people dying from marijuana overdoes. The U.S. Center of Diseases Control and Prevention has reported that more than 37,000 annual deaths are attributed to alcohol. Alcohol is associated with many types of cancer such as cancer of the esophagus, stomach, colon, lung, pancreas,…

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