Argumentative Essay On Lion King

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Often when a person or animal gets in a fight, they receive a scar. That is the case with a special character named “Scar”. Scar is a fictional character from the Disney movie “lion King”; Which was released in 1994. Arguably the greatest Disney villain of all time; I will attempt to show how scar was considered to be a great villain. I also will explain how he got his scar and the actions which ended in his demise.

The lion king is an animated Disney film. The movie is about a lion, Named Mufasa, who rules over his land called “pride rock.” He has a son named Simba who is the main Protagonist in the film. He will inherit the throne since he is the king’s son. This is where scar (Main Antagonist) comes in. Scar is angered by this. Scar decides he going to find a way to kill Simba and mufasa. Scar also is the brother of mufasa and the uncle of Simba. Scar ends up killing mufasa. Scar runs Simba off into the jungle. After several years passed by, Simba grows up and discovered that his uncle is responsible for the death of his father. He overtakes the throne from scar and kills him in the process. The lion king is considered to be one of the greatest Disney movies ever made. Its competition usually for that top title is 1991 Disney classic “Beauty and The Beast.”

Scar is the main villain in lion king. There is not much known about him. What we do know is how he got his scar and why he is jealous of Mufasa and Simba. The reason for his scar is his fight with a group of

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