Argumentative Essay On Miranda Rights

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Miranda Rights

This passage presents a debate discussing arguments concerning Miranda Rights.
This is an important debate for people accused of a crime because these rights could mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment. The two positions argue whether or not suspects should be read their Miranda Rights. Both viewpoints have valid claims warranting consideration. For example, evidence indicates that these rights could help guilty suspects avoid punishment. In contrast, opposing evidence suggests that they will not. While both sides of the issue have valid points, the claim that suspects should be read their Miranda Rights is the stronger position, the position supported by a preponderance of the evidence cited in the passages. The most convincing and forceful reasons in support of this position are that these rights …show more content…

For example, these rights protect a suspect from self-incrimination, as cited in the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. As additional evidence, these rights also uphold one's right to receive due process with legal counsel, as cited by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. Consequently, to remain with in the guidelines of the Bill of Rights, Miranda Rights need to be read to all those accused of a crime. The second relevant point to make in support of the claim that accused people should be read their Miranda Rights is that these rights help avoid self-incrimination. For example, if these rights are not given, any statements made by the accused during interrogation may be turned against him or her while on trial. Additionally, if these rights are not given, the suspect may be pressured into a confession. In short, to maintain a fair and balanced legal system, people accused of a crime should be advised of their

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