Argumentative Essay On Music Therapy

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Numerous people around the world experience chronic or severe pain. Twenty-five million adults in America alone have experienced ongoing pain in the past few months and the effects can be numerous (Bushak). Chronic pain like this can cause discomfort, frustration and fatigue as well as having other effects on the overall health and happiness of a person. Some people turn to medicine, but this does not always work; therefore, others turn to different, more holistic, approaches. Many people assume that prescribed medication will always work, but that is just not the case when each body is different and reacts to medication in different ways. Music is one form of pain management, which falls in between the two categories. While music is not a typical form of medicine used to treat chronic pain or pain after surgery, it does have backing in science. Numerous trials have been done to test the effects of music when people experiencing chronic, severe, or surgical pain are exposed to different genres of music. In many cases, music has a very positive, soothing effect on physical pain, making that person feel significantly better. With the rise of new technology, better medications have been made. These medications, however, don’t always work, and, while music is not a new technology, music therapy has been a topic of research and experiments in the past few years. Some people don’t believe music can really help a person in pain any significant amount. Carlee Efeney, a music
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