Argumentative Essay On Obesity

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For many years now, obesity has been an issue that has plagued our country with its effect on our people. From the increasing difficulty to get good healthcare, to the monumental amount of fattening snacks that have cultivated themselves into our diets. Throughout our media, we have seen countless ways in which the human body can look good, bad, look better, or look worse. Most of which would ignore or makeup, health claims just to come off as scientific. Along with what's considered as desirable, that sought out notion has and will continue to change. Articles, books, songs, movies, and magazines have left many Americans feeling pulled in multiple directions on how to take care of their bodies as well as how they should look. Leading to body issues, radical or hateful opinions, and possibly health problems. Many studies, book, papers, and social experiments on obesity are developed to clear up some confusion towards eating and weight gain, of which add their own informed opinions and facts to brighten our previous sphere of knowledge on the subject. Some of which are proven biased or false based on opposing opinions or facts but, for the most part, add to the conversation. So with this much information out there and with many of them contradicting themselves, one may ask internally “What is the right thing to do for me?”, or “What should I believe?”, and those are valid questions. Does one look at what science says that day or go with what they feel is healthy? With these

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