Argumentative Essay On Opioids

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In America, the use of opioids is at an all time high, it has became such an issue nationwide, that it has became an epidemic. Because of the opioid epidemic, America is tearing apart, children all across the country are dying everyday, these children are dying from overdoses due to poisoning. The opioid problem is not just because of a person's decision to pick up a needle or a pill bottle, but it is because in the 1990’s doctors gave up on trying to treat patients for their overwhelming pain and discomfort, causing opioids to become over prescribed. Due to the carelessness of America, opioids are being distributed more and more everyday, causing the skyrocketing number of deaths. Opioids are causing deaths of children of all ages, and it is due to the “carelessness and callousness” of parents. The way the children/teens are getting the drugs is from a parent/guardian not taking proper precautions to hide their prescription drugs. Now, due to the little to no access teens have to prescription drugs, teens have upgraded to street drugs. The effect opioids have on children is much greater than mental health, “according to an analysis of discharge papers collected every three years from a representative sample of pediatric hospitals nationwide, 13,052 children were hospitalized for poisonings from opioid prescriptions. Of those, 176 died.”(Washington Post) Drugs are now killing more people than guns and cars in America, it was inevitable that children would be affected in

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