Argumentative Essay On Othello

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There is a lot to say about “fate.” If my father had not walked into the bar that my mother was bartending at in downtown New Orleans on April 24, 1996, then I in fact would not be here today. If Shakespeare had not written “Othello” then I would not be writing this essay. As T.S Stribling says, “It surely is a strange thing how incidents, trifles in themselves, penetrate one’s life and grow and grow and change its whole pattern, while other matters of apparent great import fade into nothing.” Now, let us rewind to September 15, 2001. My mother had just gone into labor with my soon to be third sibling, and twelve hours later my baby sister Kaylie had finally arrive, but something was not right. The doctors told us Kaylie’s heart was under developed and she needed surgery. After about five months …show more content…

When the test results came back, they told us they Kaylie was around ninety-five percent deaf, and she had maybe three percent of hearing in her left ear. We tried hearing aids but they did not seem to work. The specialist recommended trying a Cochlear Implant. A Cochlear Implant is an implanted electronic hearing device, similar to a hearing aid but much more efficient. It provides those with severe to profound deafness the ability to hear. They told us the odds of Kaylie being able to talk were very slim, and that we should put her in sign language classes, but instead we chose to give her the chance to learn how to speak by putting her in speech classes. Kaylie turns fifteen this September, and as long as she wears her Cochlear Implant, she has around seventy-five to eighty percent hearing, and talks just as clear as any other fourteen-year-old girl. If Kaylie had not been born deaf, I definitely would not be the person I am today. Being Kaylie’s big sister has taught me so much, and I am so blessed so have such a kindhearted little girl in my

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