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Welcome back returning readers, and also to those venturing into uncharted waters. From what I'm told, my writing can be an acquired taste. People have different points of view. Accounts on the time of day, and what the topic is. Pertaining to myself, I try to offer a variety of topics. Most fitting under the pop culture umbrella. I’m an individual and not into group think. Am capable of drawing my own conclusion. Alternative medicine is some serious shit. Cannabis may not be a cure all, but it sure can compliment, or help alter what the average person takes while under a doctor's care. Why risk being treated for one thing, while the sides of that very same medicine that make you better, cause your premature death?

The last published write up I authored was just days ago for a classic rock 24/7 Internet station: Classic Rock Radio (UK). Doing this for five years now. My official title is; American Correspondent. The newest article was all about; Dick. For those interested, the piece can be found doing a simple Internet search. Just cut and paste the following into any Internet search engine:

Gary “Uncle G” Brown - Dick

That should do it. Only the Lord knows what will pop up. I’ve since received praise and good news regarding that review. The station informed me that I’m drawing in more female readers than usual. Very cool. I considered it a happy ending for the day, as I was just getting ready to retire to bed for the evening when I found out. I don’t want to get

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