Argumentative Essay On Substitute Teacher

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I wrote this inspirational memoir to persuade negative thinking substitute teachers to embrace a keen pride in their role as a professional substitute teacher. My strong desire is that they eliminate the toxic thoughts that a substitute teacher is the most disrespected job in the educational system.

As a former substitute teacher, I learned that our palpable commitment and mandatory obligation meant to stay engaged in students’ learning. While we devote to our responsibility, we become a significant entity linked to the education design.

The learning design has an array of unique supports. The variables include, but are not just limited to: teachers, assistant principals, cafeteria workers, counselors, and parents. You, along with these integral features, must prepare students to successfully graduate from high school and from college. Therefore, you must ensure they leave their high school with a burning interest to pursue higher education, and a compelling urge to become productive citizens. To master your responsibility, you must embrace collaboration, cutting-edge knowledge, competence, innovation, respect, and integrity. These six ingredients are coupled with the term “higher education.” Higher education occurs after high school and is a transparent catalyst. The mechanism is driven by positive relationships, nurturing, mentoring, and an ability to stimulate impeccable learning opportunities.

Substitute teachers, do you understand the

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