The Purpose Of Higher Education

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Higher education has a vast history; beginning in the early colonial period and spanning ten generations. With its wide range of history, aspects of higher education have changed as the ideals and reforms of society adjusted. Albeit, the missions and purposes of college have remained the same. In this paper, I will clarify the three main missions and purposes of higher education. Then, I will shift the focus of the paper to the area I would like to pursue in higher education and how it reflects those purposes.
The three purposes and missions of higher education are education, research, and public service. The first one to be addressed is education. In his paper, “Goals: The Intended Outcomes of Higher Education,” author Bowen (1977) has stated education is “not only the academic curricula, classes, and laboratories, but also all those influences upon students flowing from association with peers and faculty members and from the many and varied experiences of campus” (p. 24). Educating students is an important mission for higher education, but educating students is not limited to their academics. The mission for higher education involving education can be categorized as cognitive learning, affective development, and practical competence (Bowen, 1977, p. 27). While cognitive learning is based on expanding on students’ knowledge, affective development and practical competence are based on the overall being of the student. The intent of affective development is to help enhance

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