Argumentative Essay On The Backfire Effect

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Have you ever had an argument with a person and still didn’t manage to change their standpoint after confronting them with information that contradicts theirs? If you answered “Yes”, then you’ve gone through the backfire effect. The backfire effect is when an opinion is being challenged by opposing information but instead of being proven wrong and changing opinion, it gets stronger. The argument McRaney is making on his article shows that the backfire effect favors the person’s belief when the other person disagrees and begins to give facts opposing their opinion. The backfire effect makes a person's opinion be stronger when its contradicted with information because the person doesn't seem to change their opinion when challenged with facts …show more content…

The writer seems to use emotional appeal by trying to engage the reader by using “you” as if he’s having a conversation with the reader and make the individual think about an experience he/she had whenever they were in an argument either with their friends or social medias. The writer also talks about how the backfire effect correlates with advertisements. Advertisements are based on a person’s preference, where they’re from, the time of the day or just anything that will be related to the person. Reading this information will make the reader feel as if advertisements are creepy. The writer’s purpose is to inform people of what the backfire is and what it does by using historical events, the media, and studies from university students showing how each one of them uses the backfire effect. At the beginning of the article, McRaney explains that there were two university student who created fake newspapers about certain issues then they studied people on their behaviors when they were given the fake newspaper and the newspaper that consisted of true information. Same goes with Obama’s birth place. There were certain people who didn’t believe that he was from the United States but after they were shown Obama’s birth certificate, they started to gather information to make themselves feel like they were right and ignore the evidence presented to them. A weakness that I found from this article was that it talks

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