Argumentative Essay On The Causes Of Autism

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There have been many institutes questioned, such as the Institute of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Food and Drug Administration. These agencies have found no linkage between vaccines and autism. These agencies have conducted thousands of studies and have found no proof that autism can be blamed on a child’s immunizations. Opponents of these studies would like parents of autistic children to believe that the results have been influenced. Some groups would like the rest of us to believe that the government and the drug companies are influencing the outcome of the reports. The Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine receives the most study, this is because the link between the vaccine and the onset of many children having autistic symptoms. This link may be just a coincidence. The time most children receive their measles mumps and rubella shot is around three or four years of age the same time many parents suggest that their child starts
having autistic symptoms or behaviors. People on both sides of the autism and vaccine debate want a clear answer to the question “WHAT Causes Autism?” Many parents think that medical studies are not asking the correct questions about autism. In a study, done by phone in 2007, parents were contacted if they had children between the ages of four and 17. The survey done by Generation Rescue they compared rates of autism and other neurological disorder in …show more content…

Sadly, there is NO cure for autism. It requires structure, routine, and patience’s. Each child that receives the diagnosis of autism is different and will have different needs that must be met and understood. With that being said there is no cure all or one-size fits all treatment. Treatment like autism is very different from one person to the next. No two people with autism will act, look, or react in the same way. Just like their treatment will differ from person to person. (Ezine

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