Autism Argumentative Essay

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There is much speculation over whether or not vaccinations can lead to autism. Many people are concerned that autism may be linked to vaccines in the ingredients in them that children receive. Although there are many who support this theory, biology has shown that there is no link between vaccinations and autism. The fact that there is no relation between vaccinations and autism has been proved time and time again through many scientists including those who work with the CDC- Center for Disease Control and many other medical professionals. The argument that vaccines cause Autism began in 1998 when British surgeon Andrew Wakefield published a study, suggesting that the MMR vaccine given to prevent measles, mumps, and rubella increased autism in children. Autism is a mental condition involving issues in the brain development, it is …show more content…

In 2011, the CDC found an increase in the cases of measles per year. Measles is a fatal in one in every one thousand cases. Over the last fifteen years the CDC has conducted many studies to investigate vaccine safety and have the least numerous reports showing no relationship between vaccinations and autism. In 2004 the Institute of Medicine had reviewed more than two hundred biological studies for links between vaccines and autism all reports showing no evidence of a causal relationship between the two. In conclusion, studies show that there is no relationship between the MMR vaccination and autism. The reasoning behind individuals not trusting these scientific studies, comes from the untrue propaganda of anti-vaccine extremists who believe and support Andrew Wakefield, even though his work has been discredited. Although there have been hundreds of studies surrounding the link between this a vaccination and autism, none have ever proved Andrew Wakefield's

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