Argumentative Essay On The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence (US 1776) is one of the most important documents in United States history. In this document lies a basis for our country and how we should live out the American lifestyle. The Declaration provides a basis of rules and regulations for the American people. Some believe that the Declaration is the most important document in American history as it represents our freedom. The men who wrote the Declaration of Independence had no idea what it would bring about and how far this would go. To this day, we reference the Declaration as it provides a vital part in our government system. Some believe that the visions that the Declaration provides have not been help up over the years while others believe the opposite. I believe that these visions that the Declaration of Independence provides for the American future have been held up in some ways, but not to the full extent that this document provides. When taking a look at the Declaration of Independence, there are a number of things that stand out when thinking about how we have lived up to it’s mythic visions. The first on that sticks out to me is when the Declaration mentions, “That all men are created equal” (Declaration, 1776) and then goes on to say “it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government”. When thinking about this phrase, this makes me think about how far we have become in granting equal rights to all people. Throughout the years we have seen women’s
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