Argumentative Essay On The Mother Of A Mother

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It takes more than one person to have a child. The mother does carry the baby through a long nine months, but she does need help sometimes. The father has his own special way to care for his newborn. When a baby comes into the world it needs a lot of care and attention. This is a lot of pressure on the mother all alone. This is why fathers need to get paternity leave along with his wife or mother of his child. There are biological, legal, and even moral reasons why a father should have time off to spend with his new baby.
They say a woman becomes a mother when she finds out that she is expecting, and a man becomes a father the first time he holds his baby. After a month a baby is able to tell apart his or her mom and dad. For decades, psychologists and other researchers assumed that the mother-child bond was the most important bond in a child’s life. Within the last several decades scientists are increasingly realizing just how much dads matter. Just like women, fathers’ bodies respond to parenthood, and their parenting style affects their kids just as much, and sometimes more, than mom’s. When one person is at home with a new baby and the other remains at work, they can start living in different worlds and have less to talk about. The stay-at-home mom wants to discuss the baby's milestones and the working dad, while interested, misses their dinner conversations about the workplace. If parents can afford to take maternity and paternity leave simultaneously, it can benefit

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