Argumentative Essay On Transgender Women

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What makes a woman a woman? Many people believe that gender has nothing more to it than just the anatomy that you were born with and the gender you were assigned at birth. For others, it’s based on appearance, experiences and femininity. For many though gender is a spectrum of self- expression and identity. When it comes to the Feminist movement, the movement encouraging equality for all genders. The definition of womanhood varies from person to person. However, when it comes to transgender women many radical feminist ideologies don’t always work in their favor. When radical feminists exclude transgendered women from the feminist movement it causes damage to both the movement itself and the LGBT community by having body-centric views and excluding them from safe spaces. Feminism as a movement has turned into a huge contest of people trying to ‘out outrage’ one another but they aren’t looking at real issues. While many focus on burning bras and free bleeding the real issues lie in the lives being lost across the country and across the world due to people wanting to express their own womanhood.
When most people think of transgender individuals their minds wander to the poorly portrayed transgender characters in media that they’ve seen, or they think about the numerous social issues regarding transgender rights that have surfaced recently in the united states, but most people don’t actually have a full understanding of what a transgender person is. Although most people in the

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