Argumentative Essay On Youth Football

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Youth football has been around for a long time, but after the rise of injuries in the highly aggressive sport some parents are reluctant to letting their children play at a young age. It is becoming a bigger argument every fall if parents will let their kid play the physical sport. Kids are usually okay with risking an injury because they like to play and want to be just like their favorite players in the National
Football League. There are many different opinions involving youth football between mothers, fathers and the children themselves. Some parents push their sons/daughters to play to become tougher and involved in a team environment. Others want their kids to stay as far away from the sport as possible.
Children often want to try football but are soon to realize how tough the game is.
I interviewed a mother, Colleen TerBurgh, who has a son that would really like to try out tackle football but she refuses to let him. “I just don’t want him to risk an injury that would affect him being able to play in the future.” She then went on by saying, “If he got hurt badly while playing then he wouldn’t be able to play on the basketball team in the winter.” Very reasonable response by a cautious mother. She most likely feels the same as millions of other mothers around the nation that would hate to see their child get hurt so early in their life. She continued by adding “I am okay with him playing in high school but not in middle school when he’s still growing up and

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