Parents Have On Children During Sport

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Parents who aggressively push their children in sport are a growing concern amongst parents and coaches. Bill is a coach and is worried about how far some parents go during games, what effects this has on the player. By looking into pushy parents and the effects, and evaluating the reports that are currently available, a report will be presented which will hopefully help. The Literature Review In 2008, a report was produced on the question, Supported or Pressured? This vague question is related to the impact parents have on children during sport. The mixed method study used, involved self-reports and questionnaires, was produced to try and get a deeper meaning to an inductive problem. The results of the triangulation methods show that the more pressure applied to the child, the less they ended up liking the sport, and with this, parents did not realise they were applying as much pressure onto the child (Bocarro, Casper & Kanters, 2008) In comparison to Bocarro et al (2008), Alferman, Lee & Wuerth (2002) show the positive side to parental involvement, such as praise, understanding and direction given by parents. It was found that Mothers offered more praise than Fathers, however they offered direction and advice. Using the Quantitative methodology, Alferman et al (2002) was able to find parents are key to an athlete’s development. A limitation of the report is the fact the participants were from a certain area, near Leipzig, Germany, and not global. It cannot be assumed
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