Argumentative Essay : ' The Shooting Of African American Teenager '

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Jackson Oakley
Mrs. Schmitz
Honors English III
30 March 2015
Argumentative Essay:
Darren Wilson is not Racist

The shooting of African American teenager Michael Brown by white officer Darren Wilson has been a hot topic of debate. Those in support of Michael Brown believe that Darren Wilson racially profiled Brown and that the shooting would have never occurred had Brown been white. Those in support of Darren Wilson state that he acted in self-defense. This argument has more evidence supporting it than the argument that Brown was racially profiled. Firstly, Michael Brown is not just an innocent victim as the African American community portrays. Shortly before Brown’s encounter with Officer Wilson, a 911 call had been placed from the Ferguson Market and Liquor store on 9101 Florissant Avenue reporting a robbery. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether or not he had a juvenile record. Brown’s record was not released because Cynthia Harcourt, the St. Louis County juvenile office’s attorney, said the “court of public opinion does not require the release of juvenile records” and that “simple curiosity was not an adequate reason to violate the privacy of Brown and his family” (“Broken Record”). Not releasing Brown’s records creates bias in favor of Brown, leading people to assume that the shooting was racially motivated.

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Secondly, those who believe the shooting of Michael Brown was racially motivated only have witness testimony to support their claim. Witness…

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