Argumentative: My Dual Enrollment English Program

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During my last semester at Brooke Point High School I took the English 112 portion of our Dual-Enrollment English program and have learned a great deal about writing styles and techniques. These skills were learned through reviewing and the papers I had written for the class (I.e. Summary and Response, Argumentative, Analytical papers); this portfolio is intended to show the improvements I have made throughout the semester as well as address some of the achievements that I have had with the class.
Summary and Response
The first paper of the course was a Summary and Response paper and its changes in my writing are based more on format and minor editing to help my point get presented better. This paper was written to be a backbone to the argumentative paper and the main …show more content…

With the statement in its current form my readers could come to the conclusion that countries like America do not consume veggies or other plant based foods making them a prime target for the fast food market. This statement was address though in the final draft by addressing the reason I feel is to blame for the popularity here. This is a prime example of my driving points and my ability to edit statements to more accurately portray my views.
Literary Analysis
The literary analysis was my second favorite essay to write, it also shows off my skills at analyzing an author’s work and addressing what factors play a heavy roll in the development of his/her writing. My skills were put to the metal as I tried to break down the language and action selection of Shakespeare as he wrote the play Hamlet and how the language he chose affected the
Quinn 4 overall feel of the play and its characters. This paper, needless to say, also had its faults that had to be addressed such as clarity issues and an overall weak thesis.
So in regards to the issue of clarity within my paper could not have been more detrimental, even with my paper addressing the readers appropriately and the descriptions to

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