Arguments Against Gun Control

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In the United States, citizens have debated over whether or not gun control is a good solution in our country for years. The debates form two sides: one side that’s in favor of gun control and one that is against gun control. As of late, individuals on the pro side pro-gun control argued that the numerous shootings in our nation were mostly because of our country’s need for gun control. People would find that answer reasonable, but in reality, it is an over-generalization; there are numerous other variables that play a portion in horrific event shootings. Those who are against gun control have claimed that gun control laws violate citizen’s constitutional rights. Numerous citizens would say that neither both in favor and against gun control is right, but when the facts are displayed it is self-evident that gun control is not a great solution since “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Stopping criminals and put more priority on their punishment is a better solution than restricting citizens the right to own firearms and taking them away. Gun control should be reduced in the United States because it’s our constitutional right, armed citizens prevent most crimes, and countries with high gun control have high crime rates.
The Constitution of United States of America is what gives citizens rights. It has over twenty-seven amendments, but one of them affects gun control. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights states that "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to

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