Arguments Against Police Brutality

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I swear to God that white people don't care about our fucking rights . I will be stating how this is true. My first reason is police brutality. For example, in Cleveland at a local park an innocent young boy was shot to death. A white officer responded to the call, the call was that a young boy had a bb-gun. My next reason is growing up black. Watching a crime happen and then the police jump to conclusions and think it is you. Also the reason the judge you is because of the way we dress, they way our hair looks and mostly where we live. My final reason is racial profiling. For example, white cops are judging African Americans for crimes they didn't do. As can be seen, African Americans need justice.

Police brutality, what is it? Police brutality is when a white cop is racist to African Americans. For example, in Cleveland a white cop shot a young black boy name Tamar Rice. Tamar was shot by a white cop responding to a 911 call. From a man who placed a call saying he saw a boy with a gun. Tamar had a fake bb-gun. The cop yelled Tamars name twice and shot him in his chest. Police brutality is also abandonment. For example, Chris Brown was accused of assaulting a woman with a gun. When the police received the call about 100 of the …show more content…

Racial profiling is the act of suspecting or targeting a person of a certain race. Most white cops judge African Americans by the way they dress, how their hair looks and the neighborhood they live in. Imagine living in a bad neighborhood and one day you and your friends are outside just hanging out and a patrol car is canvassing the area. Unexpectedly you and your friends are face down on the ground because the police think we are up to something like selling weed or anything illegal. It's just crazy how a white man can dress up all fancy and get away with many crimes. Or white boys can hang out in large groups and never have any trouble with the

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